12th June 1978 – 5th February 2009

Sparkling, beautiful, shining, kind, loyal, generous, warm, hilariously funny, happy, strong, blunt, wonderful, determined, joyful, perfect, the best girl in the world, snow boarder, fit, marine biologist, pastry chef, big heart, unique, cool, documentary maker, associate producer, motivated, fancy dresser extraordinaire, friend, sister, girlfriend, granddaughter, aunt, John’s sloe gin, cousin, niece, motivator, fun, hot water bottle, good pins, cyclist, Isle of Mann, outdoors, wise, Geordie, platinum, brave, tea, sage, fixie rider, snuffles, supportive, trusting, Newton-by-the-Sea, indominatable, climber, fastidious, tent-folder, camper, chopsticks, tongs, Dubai, trustworthy, science-o, dependable, loving, bicycle bell, vulnerable, snarfles, swimmer, hot, jewellery, the vicarage, sensitive, achieving, driven, incredible, sun worshiper, Lurpak, intelligent, the girls, Meribel, witty, northern, hard as nails, immaculate, tumble turns, Eye, shoulder shuffle, surfer, jogger, bellisima, sweets, Eyelid, really hot milk, colleague, family, magnanimous, skate boarder, original, mouth filler, fizz, no crumbs, OCD sharing, cheese on toast, colourful, bouncy, cheeky, naughty, intuitive, special, nosy, empathetic, yallah, adventurer, sailor, my Sledge, my baby, loved by all.