30 Jan

Taking it to Europe

I was invited by TfL along with Cynthia Barlow of RoadPeace to join a delegation to Brussels consisting of London’s Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan and Olympic cyclist and representative of British Cycling, Chris Boardman.

We presented a declaration, supported by 130 European countries and mayors of 4 European cities, calling for amendments to the weights and dimensions directive to include the mandatory requirement of improved direct vision.

As awareness of the blind areas around HGVs has increased, this problem has traditionally been addressed by requiring fitting of extra mirrors. Drivers are now in sensory overload, where it takes up to 6 seconds to scan every mirror and the road ahead. Complete redesign of the cab to give drivers a much better line of sight and visibility around the cab will make life easier for drivers, and reduce the risk posed to vulnerable road users.

The UK government is not supportive of the proposal, but we will continue to challenge. This is a once in a decade opportunity to influence cab design, and we may not have the chance for another decade.


24 Jan

Ride for Eilidh

It will be five years on February 5th since Eilidh died. She was 30 when she was run over from behind and crushed by a tipper lorry at Notting Hill Gate as she cycled to work on her beloved fixie.

On Wednesday 5th Feb, friends and family will retrace Eilidh’s final route, evoking her spirit through a flow of light, and remembering a beautiful, strong, gentle, witty woman, so loved by so many.

Date: Wednesday 5th February 2014
Time: 19:00pm
Meet: Bandstand, Parliament Hill
Finish: Ghost Bike, Notting Hill Gate
Drink: Bar 123, Notting Hill Gate (~ 20:00h)
Bring: Candles in a jar
Wear: Glow sticks

Please come and ride with us.

The video below is from the memorial ride done directly after Eilidh’s death. It would be wonderful to be able to celebrate her, 5 years on.

12 Jan

Eilidh’s ghost bike

Eilidh's ghost bike, Notting Hill Gate

Notting Hill Gate

Eilidh’s ghost bike has been authorised by the Mayor to remain in place. It serves both as a memorial to Eilidh, and a prompt to drivers to watch out for cyclists. It was created with much love, and the specific bike used remembers her love for fixies.

03 Jan


This will be a place where I can update on cycling safety issues. I’ll do my best to keep you all in the loop on the different strands of the blog. Please do post comments and add to the discussion.