About Eilidh

Eilidh Jake Cairns grew up on the Northumberland coast. She loved being outdoors, and spent most of her time in the sea. This meant she had legs totally impervious to cold.  Eilidh loved was very active, and sailing and hockey were key parts of her life growing up. Her ‘can-do’ approach and unflappable nature were firmly rooted in her strong family ties. She studied Marine Biology at Liverpool John Moores, getting to know the depths beneath her beloved sea.

She then took her adventurous self off to the Alps, where she lived for three seasons, quickly becoming an amazing snowboarder, although she always told herself off for her flappy hand. Eilidh then went to Dubai to work on nature documentaries, focusing on the rich marine life there. She then moved back to London, and continued her TV work with IMG, the sports broadcaster, getting to work on the America’s Cup in Valencia, an experience that thrilled her to bits. She cycled for 2 hours each day, on her way to work, a commute that most would find a bit much, but she loved. Her unstoppable cheer and unfailing generosity meant she was at the centre of a big group of friends, and she loved going to gigs, and the occasional crowd-surf at a festival. Always well-dressed, ideally with those excellent pins out. When she died, she was living with friends beside Hampstead Heath, and was very happy with her boyfriend Giles. She had just accepted her dream job as a TV producer.

She is very missed.

This book was made by Eilidh’s friends and family to capture some of her spirit.

You can download the original hi-res file for the book here (but it is 75mb).