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15 Apr

Through the second hurdle…

Today the European Parliament approved the change in rules for lorry design!

The full breakdown of this is in the post below, but in summary, this would amend existing lorry regulations so that the driver would have much better visibility of the road, and cyclists and pedestrians. Additional safety features such as a crumple zone, and deflection bumpers would also mean that the roads will be much safer for all.

This plenary session was the stamp of approval for the EU, following the first vote – all great news, and encouraging that it was nearly unanimous (606 in favour, 54 against).

However, the next part of the process is for all the EU member states to decide on whether this is to be mandatory, or optional. Lorry companies are reluctant to change, and apply pressure on the EU governments.

The UK in particular is resisting these calls for change, and we must continue to apply pressure on them, to make them realise that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to really make a difference for our vulnerable road users.

More info on the links below:

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BBC London video reporting on the vote, and response from London’s cyclists

Transport & Environment: Full Parliament votes for safer, cleaner lorries, but faces national roadblocks

12 Jan

Eilidh’s ghost bike

Eilidh's ghost bike, Notting Hill Gate

Notting Hill Gate

Eilidh’s ghost bike has been authorised by the Mayor to remain in place. It serves both as a memorial to Eilidh, and a prompt to drivers to watch out for cyclists. It was created with much love, and the specific bike used remembers her love for fixies.

03 Jan


This will be a place where I can update on cycling safety issues. I’ll do my best to keep you all in the loop on the different strands of the blog. Please do post comments and add to the discussion.