Eilidh’s Crash

Eilidh died on the 5th February 2009 after being hit from behind by a fully laden tipper truck driven by Mr Joao Lopes, and dragged and crushed by its wheels.

She had left her home at Kingswear Road, near Hampstead Heath, and cycled her usual 10mile route to Chiswick. She had been cycling this route for over 2 years, and was a fit and experienced cyclist, well aware of the dangers of HGVs. Eilidh was struck at 8:56am, just as she approached a pedestrian crossing on a two-lane one-way road in Notting Hill Gate. She lay pinned by the wheels, fully conscious, and asking passers by to ‘please help me, please help me’. Low cloud on the day prevented the helicopter dispatch, and Eilidh was eventually taken by ambulance to the Royal London Hospital, where, despite the best endeavours of a team of trauma specialists, she died at 10.48am.

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