13 Feb

EU vote delays….

The EU was to vote today on amending a directive to lorry design. This would allow lorries to be longer; more curved and aerodynamic – less like a brick, which makes the lorry more fuel efficient.

We have grabbed this rare opportunity, when the EU is talking about lorry design, to campaign for improved direct vision (to remove the notorious blind spot), to be a mandatory part of the design, rather than just a happy coincidence.

The problem is that the amendment to allow longer lorries will allow ‘megalorries’ – much heavier and longer than current laws allow. They can be as long as a medium-sized airplane.

So… all these issues mean that the issue is far from clear cut. MEPs have reservations on this, which has delayed the vote of the Transport Committee until 18th March. However, after the Transport Committee have voted, that vote has to be put to the European Parliament during their plenary session on 14th April. This now means there is very little time for the process to be completed.

This is a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to make a real, life-saving change, and it is really frustrating that this chance may well be lost – meaning years of further delay – before the possibility of improved direct vision cabs become a legal requirement.

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