18 Mar

First signs of success!!

The EU have voted today – and we’re finally making some headway. The transport committee were voting on two important points:

  1. Whether to allow megatrucks to cross EU borders. This proposal was rejected, which is excellent news for all road users.
  2. To change the design of lorry cabs, giving more space at the front of the lorry.  Current regulations mean manufacturers create a brick-shaped lorry in order to maximise the legal load. The new design allows for much better visibility of the road, and vulnerable road-users.

The committee’s amendments to the directive have included our demands that changes to the cab include mandatory improvement of direct vision, which will reduce blind areas, and the addition of a crumple zone, and better deflection bumpers, so that if cyclists or pedestrians are hit they are less likely to be pulled under the wheels.

These proposals do need two more sets of approval; a plenary session in April 2014, and then approval by each EU country. They will then be phased in, due to become mandatory throughout the EU by 2022.

Finally, it seems, some progress at the highest level!

These articles give more info on the vote:

European Cyclists Federation: First Steps to safer HGV / lorry safety taken today

Transport & Environment: EU Parliament vote marks end of the brick-shaped lorry


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